Danse Macabre with Tapani Kokko

Danse Macabre (2020) is based on Medieval iconography, on a subject that was widely in use during and after the Black Death. One fine example is partly preserved in the Niguliste Church in Tallinn, Estonia. The monumental Danse Macabre of Niguliste has intrigued me for years.

A Dance of Death is also a dance of the living. We are all destined to die, and our lives are greatly influenced by the past- our own as well as that of previous generations. Despite the serious nature of our subject, we wanted to approach it with carnevalistic humor. 

This monumental work is a cooperation with sculptor Tapani Kokko. Both of us worked in our preferred materials: Tapani in wood, I with textiles.

When we set out planning our work, there was yet no sign of the Corona-pandemic. During spring our work became almost frighteningly topical. Had we known what was in store, we might have danced to a different tune.

Photos by Pasi Autio